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With years of home renovation and real estate experience behind us, the team at Rowan Renovation brings knowledge, expertise, advice & guidance to the table when approaching your next project.  


Knowledge - we stay current on trends and market demand.

Expertise - from exterior makeovers to full home renovations, we've done it all.

Advice & Guidance - we will give you our honest opinion on your projects potential Return on Investment.


Call Dee today for your free consultation & quote: 902-497-6160.



Over the last few years, I have called Rowan Renovation many, many times. In some cases, I had full blown emergencies, (no water, frozen pipes), that required immediate attention. The results were amazing. This company responded promptly and fixed the problems in a very cost effective manner. They also were a great help with home improvement projects.... which is one thing that I really liked about them. 


In all, I found my experiences with Rowan Renovation to be very positive. They are very professional, approachable, and flexible.

I would sincerely recommend this company to anyone who needs a repair done or is planning to renovate and wants top notch help.

- Carole C.

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